15 Apr

Preserving The Usefulness of Your Seeds


If you store your seeds in one of the best marijuana seed banks, then they will remain viable and ready to use for a substantial period. It is a smart strategy to get to know about the best seed banks in your area. You can know more here if you choose to browse online. If you do not want to spend any extra money in using the services of a seed bank, then you can take care of the seeds on your own. In case, the plantation season is not far away; then your task will be fairly smooth. Preservation of seeds is a relatively tough ordeal if you want them to germinate more than two years later.

Keep them cool if you want to stay cool!
It is a well-known fact that most seeds tend to get harmed if they have to face a lot of heat. Warm conditions reduce the germinating capacity of the seeds to a considerable extent. At the same time, higher temperatures can destroy in a short time. So, if you want the seeds to live long and remain viable when you need them, then please do not expose them to extreme heat.

Too much of anything is bad
Also, excessively low temperatures can bring the seeds in harm’s way depending upon the species. It is best that you find the optimum temperature for their protection and preservation. Then, you must attempt to provide them with the maximum coolness.

Dry and cozy is always the best way to go
Presence of too much moisture can have a devastating impact on almost all seeds. In the case of marijuana seeds, this is even more so. Hence, keep them in a dry condition far from moisture. With the help of some water, your seeds can start sprouting at the wrong time. Sprouting will ruin them much before the plantation season arrives. It is possible that you will be forced to plant them at the wrong time. They will not be able to turn into viable and effective herbs or shrubs if you plant them at an inappropriate time.

Keep your seeds out of harm’s way
Your valuable seeds can turn into a gourmet meal for a wide range of pests, insects or even rats if you do not protect them well. Please make sure that you keep them in a container that is not easily accessible to such creatures. If your part of the world has such fauna, then using a robust box becomes even more necessary.

Do not overestimate the longevity of your seeds
Please remember that the seeds of some herbs and shrubs do not remain viable for long. At times, they may require the use of a deep freezer. Even a slight increase in temperature can render them completely useless forever. So, please do not take any chances if you have seeds of such a species. Store them in a deep freezer where the possibility of electricity cuts is negligible. Opting for a professional seed bank will be the smartest maneuver in such a scenario.

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