3 Feb

7 Berries That You Need To Add To Your Daily Food Intake

Time and again it has been proven that berries are one of the healthiest types of food that is available today. Immaterial of how you consume them, whether taking them fresh or in dried forms or having them as Dr Gundry dietary supplements, these give a benefit to the body. The many health benefits that you can get from consuming red berries is mentioned in http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/bk-2004-0871.ch010. Read them to improve your knowledge in it and understand the science behind these. There are a lot of berries that are available in the market, and at times it could become difficult to choose the right one for you. Here are the seven berries that you need to add to your daily food intake.
· Goji berries which are also referred to as mede berry or Chinese wolfberry is a must. This is said to increase sexual vitality, increases the lifespan and also it has a positive effect on the physical strength of the body. These are deep red and contain a lot of amino acids and minerals that are essential for the body.
· A powerhouse of antioxidants, blueberries are a favorite for many people due to the significant number of positive effects that it can bring on to your body. Blueberries help in maintaining the collagen matrix in our body.
· Acai berries are also a treasure when it comes to healthcare. These were initially found only in the deep rainforests in the Amazon and had been traditionally used for boosting the energy and also as a powerful healing fruit. Acai berries have very high antioxidants which can be compared to twice as much as that available in blueberries.
· Also called as huckleberry, wineberry, and byeberry, Bilberries resemble blueberries only that it is one-third the size of it. The appearance and the flavor are very similar as well still the amount of antioxidants is exceptionally high in bilberries.
· Strawberries have over six hundred types that have been identified on Earth that we don’t have to hunt a lot to find one. Most of us are aware that these are also high in antioxidants which can promote good health and also protects us from diseases.
· Blackberries, as the name indicates are black in color and are more efficient than just the presence of antioxidants like the other berries. These also can increase the resistance levels in the body for any chronic diseases. Blackberries are found to have a lot of cancer-fighting compounds, and this is the reason why many people are looking to add these as part of their daily diet.
· Cherries are not only a decoration item in food preparations, but they also contain a lot of antioxidants that are said to promote tissue and cell health. These help in improving the sleep pattern and assist you in maintaining a younger appearance.
Immaterial of whether you grow your own berries or buy them from a store near you, they are truly beneficial to your health. So eat time up and lead a healthy life!