16 May

A Comprehensive Guide To E-Bikes


E-Bikes are currently the most sought after vehicles in many parts of Europe. These bicycles are gaining importance because they reduce the power put in for pedaling. The best rated e-bikes are of European origin and have worldwide recognition. For more info on e-bikes and their benefits check online resources. Electronic bikes are generally made up of particular frames and spares which are built in to release extra stress caused by heavy pedaling. These bikes are generally expensive, heavy and have a more complex structure and design than normal push bikes. If these bikes run out of battery midway, then it becomes hard to carry them back home as they weigh more than 15 kg.

Repairing these bikes in case of any malfunction will also be difficult as the spares and parts of these bikes are peculiar and different from regular bicycles. Electronic bikes are generally used to transport heavy loads. There are different types of e-bikes available namely the e-hybrids, e-motorbikes, e-folding bikes and e-road bikes. Some of the electric bikes are charged from its front, but a majority of the e-bikes are charged using an electric motor fitted onto its bottom. The batteries for these bikes are installed above the rear wheel or mounted on its down tubes.

An electric mountain bike is an all-terrain vehicle which is more powerful and helps in climbing the mountains upstream with ease. Electronic road bikes seem to be an icing on the cakes of all roadies as they are highly useful in traveling long distances. These bikes have their motors and batteries fixed on their sleeve handles like the “Giant road E+” and are highly efficient than the ordinary “Typhoons” which are manually driven. Another most powerful e-bike is the Electronic hybrid bikes which are thin and environment-friendly.

Riding these bikes makes travel enjoyable and sweat free. B-Twin Bebike 500 manufactured by one of the leading French brands have the potential to travel a distance of 40 kms using a fully charged battery. “Gazelle,” another e-bike, manufactured by one of the most renowned Dutch company, is equipped with efficient commuters called the “CityZen C8 HM”. These bikes are costlier and have additional features like centralized locks, powerful kickstands and many more.

Possession of Electric folding bikes is always a dream come true for all travel freaks and roadies. These bikes can be folded and made compact, which makes them stand tall from other e-bikes. There are also aftermarket kits available which can be used to modify existing and old folding bikes. The kits that are obtained from Nano Electric Bikes allow the cyclist/biker to fix electric drive motors and batteries to their folding bikes which makes these bikes more beneficial and powerful.

The last type of e-bike is the Electric utility bikes which are highly useful in transporting heavy loads. In order to serve this purpose, they are made up of hard and strong spares and components. They also have complimenting features like comfortable riding position and powerful motors. Charging of an e-bike can be done from any electric socket, and the latest versions of e-bikes have portable and removable batteries. These bikes do not need a license as well.