23 Dec

How To Keep Your Legs Cleaner And Smoother?

Grooming is an essential part of skin care and maintaining personal hygiene. Female body undergoes various changes internally and externally as it grows. You tend to see hair growth all over the body. Hair removal on a regular basis is a usual practice followed by women world over. There are multiple options available in the market. Based upon the time constraint, skin sensitivity, and personal choice, one can opt for any one of them. To know all about various treatments available, please visit the site here. Apart from the face, hands and the legs are the most exposed part which requires regular grooming. The most widely chosen option is waxing which can be done by taking an appointment at a parlor. But a more convenient and faster option is using a shaver. That is the reason, women’s razor market is gaining popularity in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. If you are interested to know about the specifications, features, and technique of using these customized shavers for female skin, please read blog.hubspot.com/marketing/womens-razors-marketing.

Before you make a choice, let’s review various options available.

Disposal Razor

Check the blade for any rusting, damage and any dirt since this can cause infection on your skin. Depending on the texture of hair, the life of razor may vary. The best way to get a smooth and irritation-free shave, prefer doing it while taking a bath. Position yourself nicely, apply a water-soluble cream or moisturizing soap on the surface, and them with a light hand, move the shaver starting from ankle all the way upward to the knee. Repeat the similar smooth strokes throughout the exposed portion, till you are satisfied that excess hair is removed. Once done, rinse the skin thoroughly to remove any residue of the shaving cream or shaved hair. Give a quick look at any missed spots and once done, apply a moisturizer to calm the skin and avoid any dryness and irritation.

Electric shavers

A more convenient option then disposal razors are electric shavers which can be used anywhere, anytime, since these battery-operated shavers do not require any shaving cream to be applied. The technique of applying appropriate pressure does the trick here. Make sure that its head touches your skin at a right angle to give close shave with minimal wear and irritation. One should thoroughly clean the machine after use since any leftover dry skin or hair can cause infection next time you use the shaver.

The traditional way of hair removal, used by women world over is the safest and most effective. To make it work better, the hair growth of up to 1 cm in length should be enough for the wax to latch onto. Exfoliating the skin using mild scrub few days ahead of doing the waxing will be helpful to get useful results. Warm up the wax, and apply it over the powdered surface using an applicator. Place a waxing strip over it and pull the strip against the direction of the growth of hair. The action should be quick and once done damp a wet cloth to soothe the pain and redness caused by the sensitive skin.

Nowadays many other options have like laser treatment, chemical-based hair removal creams are found. But by far the above-mentioned, hair removal techniques are the most vastly used once.