2 Nov

The Perfect Nightly Oral Hygiene Regime

Oral Hygiene Regime

For many people, brushing their teeth at night is either a task they don’t look forward to or ignore completely. After all the hard work you do during the rest of the day, you most likely want to crawl under your blankets and sleep without worrying whether your teeth are clean or not. However, brushing and flossing at night is almost as important as your periodic visit to your Dentist in Aurora. According to www.webmd.com having a good nightly oral routine is considered mandatory in order to prevent any mouth bacteria from cultivating overnight and causing cavities. While it still can be a pain, here are a couple of pointers on how to have an effective nightly oral routine so that you can sleep faster and better.

The average brushing time should be two minutes. This is the time from when your paste-loaded brush touches your teeth till the final gargle. Try timing yourself for the first few weeks you brush your teeth. Set a timer on your phone for two minutes before beginning to brush. Once you have got the timing down, you will no longer need to set the timer. Use a toothbrush that is a comfortable harness for you and remember to change it every month. Use good quality toothpaste, preferably a natural one, so that your teeth are not always in contact with commercially use chemicals.

Flossing and other activities come after the aforementioned time period. It is important to remember that the mouth does not consist of just teeth. Several parts of your mouth require attention as well. This includes the gums, tongue, inner cheeks as well as the roof and floor of your mouth. Brushing the gums helps them stay strong and prevents weakening and bleeding. The inner cheeks and mouth should be brushed to prevent thrush and other bacteria-related infections. Scrubbing or gently scraping your tongue is commonly known to prevent a myriad of mouth related diseases.

It is essential that you floss every night. While most people do not have time for that particular step of oral hygiene in the mornings, you can take your time during the night. Flossing gets rid of those pesky bits of food stuck in between the teeth and gums. Eliminating them can keep you safe from cavities and tooth rot. Buy good quality dental floss to prevent frustrating breaks in the middle of your routine.

Having a nightly oral regime is a lifestyle change, meaning several changes go with it. One of the most important ones is no snacking after brushing your teeth. The goal of brushing your teeth at night is to stop your teeth from sitting in the debris it was exposed to during the day and snacking after brushing destroys this purpose. Even natural sugars from fruit can build up a stain over time. So, unless you are prepared to brush them again after snacking, keep your teeth away from all things edible during the night. It is small sacrifices like these that will accumulate to give you a healthier, brighter smile.

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