27 Mar

What Causes Hair Loss And How To Fix It?

Hair loss is a common problem for people today. When you go through the lipogaine big 3 review, then it seems like a great way to restore your hair volume. From various source, the reports collected tell us that it is a complete worth for money. The treatment for preventing hair loss will vary depending on the reason behind your hair loss problem. Here we will discuss few reasons that cause hair loss and effective treatment for the same.
· Hair Loss can have genetic factors behind- We all have heard of male pattern baldness. It is mostly genetic, and one cannot rate stress as a factor behind it. The best treatment so far for this issue is to take Finasteride tablets. This medicine has proved to be very useful in almost 90% cases.
· Age- In the process of growing older, our body undergoes many changes. Our skin, hair, internal condition changes a lot with the due course of time. Hair volume naturally decreases after the age of thirty years. It is best to accept it as it is natural. Many people flaunt their personality even with less hair on their head. It is the way that you carry yourself and nothing else. Feel confident in whatever you have and do not be greedy about looks. There are a few solutions you can use though like minoxidil lotion. Some people even go for hair transplant.
· Not eating right- Eating the right kind of food is very important for our body. Our hair needs nutrients to grow healthy and active. Eat a balanced diet for combating this issue will help. Kidney beans, legumes, and lentils are a great option to start with.
· Too tight hair- Sometimes what looks fashionable actually damages our hair to a greater extent. It is also harmful to our scalp leading to complete hair damage over a period of time. Our advice is, do not follow hair styling trend blindly. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy all the time.
· Psoriasis- It is a condition that is easily mistaken for dandruff, but is an entirely different thing. It is a condition where our scalp suffers from overproduction of visible skin cells. This leads to damage of hair follicles and hair loss. There are medicated shampoos to treat this condition. Consult a doctor for effective treatment as it can become a big problem if not treated on time.
· Seborrheic dermatitis- Sometimes you can see red patches on the scalp, extremely small in size but are visible and itchy. It is an inflammatory problem. Do not scratch your scalp no matter how badly you have the urge to do it. Scratching can only worsen the problem. Consult a doctor and get it treated.
Just remember that your hair condition must not affect your self-esteem. It happens with almost all of us that we start losing hair volume with age or due to any other scalp condition. It is common for both, men and women that hair loss happens after some time leading to baldness at times.

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